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The site for the LifeTime Calendar ® series…The most comprehensive line of calendars created by Dr. Truman Massey, Ph.D. in the last 500 years.

• The American LifeTime Calendar ®
• The Christian LifeTime Calendar ®
• The Sports LifeTime Calendar ®
• The Barack Obama Presidential LifeTime Calendar ®

The Benefits and features of the LifeTime series are:

• You will never need another Calendar as long as you live.
• Each calendar ranges from the year of 1900 to 2100 which is 200 years.
• Each calendar provides a range of historical information on the subject.
• Each calendar is highly educational providing information that coincide events with dates.
ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND: Over 100 million calendars are printed and distributed in the USA each year. The production of these calendars demands an Enormous amount of TREES to be cut down on a regular basis to meet that demand. A LifeTime Calendar® in each household and business will substantially reduce the amount of trees being used each and every year for that purpose. JOIN COMMON SENSE, be a part of the solution and SAY NO TO A ONE YEAR CALENDAR BY OBTIANING YOUR LifeTime Calendar® TODAY!!!

Get one of these one of kind Historical Calendars for less than 15 cents a year!!! This is the most comprehensive calendar ever designed over the past 500 is a masterpiece and it provides educational information like no other calendar has ever done! With this calendar you will never need another one, SO GET YOUR CALENDAR NOW. The LifeTime Calendar® is a series of 200 year wall calendars ranging from the year of 1900 to 2100 featuring various subject matters. They are, the American Historical Calendar, the Christian Historical calendar, the Sports historical Calendar, and the Barack Obama Presidential LifeTime Calendar. Quickly-at-a-glance one can easily review dates that coincide with historical facts on the subject matter. For instance, the American historical calendar not only provide dates for the next 90+ years but also gives us a brief summary of the birth of the nation’s history. Students and historical buffs will discover how easy it is to link people, events and dates that make learning an exciting experience. Each calendar comes with its very owns set of historical facts and general information not widely known.


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